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VIAS Bawang Putih Giling / Garlic Puree 250g

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VIAS Bawang Putih Giling / Garlic Puree 250g

Garlic Puree (250gm)

This member of the onion family has a long history and was regarded as a sacred herb by the Ancient Egyptians. Garlic is one of about 700 species of Allium, or onion, grown all over the world for their culinary and medicinal value. Garlic’s distinctive, pungent aroma and flavor have made it one of the most popular herbs. It is widely used in oriental and Mediterranean-style dishes. It is used raw in salads and dressings, and cooked in casseroles, stews, and roast joints of meat and poultry. Garlic adds a classic touch to all kinds of foods: vegetables, meat and fish and is used widely in dips, sauces, and salad dressings, such as the traditional Mediterranean aioli (garlic mayonnaise). Our pureed form garlic is conveniently design to avoid strong smell on your fingers when using garlic as ingredient in your cooking. Vias Garlic Puree radiates the smell of your cooking without you carrying it all the way on your fingers all day long. Some health conscious people also use VIAS Garlic Puree to make garlic beverages. 

Direction : Use to add flavour to your food and for cooking seasoningMix 1 or 2 tbs Garlic Puree into your stir fry,soup,grilled or fried meat, chicken, seafood, rice, noodle or pasta.

Storage Method : Refrigerate once open

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