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VIAS Kunyit Giling - Turmeric Puree 250g

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VIAS Kunyit Giling - Tumeric Puree 250g

Turmeric Puree (250gm) 

Much like ginger, turmeric spice comes from an underground stem and is a main ingredient in most curries and curry powders. While you probably wouldn't call turmeric hot on its own, the root is certainly warm and aromatic. The chemical cur cumin in turmeric gives curry powder its bright saffron yellow color, and is responsible for the spice's kick. It has a musky, peppery flavor. Used mainly in ground form to color foods yellow. Vias Turmeric Puree made from fresh turmeric rhizome, mainly to give sense of satisfaction for gourmet to enjoy the ingredients as good as the fresh ones. Turmeric punch or turmeric mock tail drinks, which you only need to add some ice cream soda and ice water are among the special beverages recipes that gaining much attention when using Vias Turmeric Puree. 

Direction : Use to add flavour to your food and for cooking seasoning.Also can be used for baking and beverages.

Storage Method : Refrigerate once open.

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