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VIAS Tempoyak Cili - Chilli Tempoyak 300g

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Vias Tempoyak Chilli 300g

Sos Tempoyak Cili

Tempoyak is made of fermented durian preserved with salt. VIAS Sos Tempoyak Cili is Tempoyak mix with chili. The sauce is used as dipping and salad dressing.  It can also be used as cooking ingredient for seafood, chicken or meat soup and gravy. Malay people also include sos tempoyak cili in their cooked vegetables too.

A simple tantalizing Shrimp tempoyak chili dish can be prepared by simply adding a table spoon of Vias Shallot Puree, one cup of Coconut milk and a spoonful of Sos cili tempoyak and some salt, to cook with 200gm shrimp. 

Direction : Use to add flavour to your food and for cooking seasoning.

Storage Method : Refrigerate once open



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