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VIAS Torch Ginger Flower Puree 250gm

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Torch Ginger Puree (250gm)

 Torch ginger is the soul of many Nyonya dishes such as Assam laksa, Nyonya fish stew and curry dishesand stir fry gravy. Torch ginger bud is the bud of red ginger plant. (There are a few types of ginger: yellow, blue, and red.)  Pinkish in color, they look very pretty and smell great, and they are usually halved lengthwise and used in curries and stews. When cooked, torch ginger imparts an impossibly floral fragrance and exotic aroma into the dishes. Vias torch ginger puree used for as part of the toppings that complements the sour fish broth and laksa noodles. Vias torch ginger puree is also widely used in Malay cuisine; in fact, a lot of Nyonya dishes are variations and adaptations of local Malay dishes, due to the inter-marriages between the early Chinese immigrants and the local Malays. Our Torch Ginger Puree special formulation is suitable for drinking purposes too. Many people believe that when they drink this flower drink, it helps to produce nice smell from the body. 

Direction : Use as cooking seasoning and marinate seafood, chicken and meat. Also can be used for baking and beverages.

Storage Method : Refrigerate once open.

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